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Brand: Ijoy Model: Battery
Battery I joy 20700 3000 Mah Capacity: 3000 mAh Maximum discharge current: 40A Continuous discharge current: 20A Voltage: 3.7V Top: flat top Genre: NCR Size: 20700 Note: The price includes (1) battery..
S.R 30.00
Brand: Ijoy Model: Coil
Coil IJOY X3 It gives a refreshing and smooth taste Power and smooth performance High performance vape flavors Power: 60W-100W Resistance: 0.2 ohms Number: 3 pills Brand: IJOY Note: Leave the coil for 5 minutes to flavor before use..
S.R 75.00
Brand: Ijoy Model: Vape Device
Ijoy Katana Kit 80W Streamlined appearance of the device design Comfortable hand feeling Built-in 3000mAh long-lasting battery 0.96 inch OLED screen is easy to read Various modes: Power/Pod/MTL/Bypass/Pmode/Temp Multiple protections ensure safety KM1, DM-M2 and DM-M3 mesh and natur..
S.R 220.00
Brand: Ijoy Model: Vape Device
  Ijoy Mystique Mesh Kit 162W Streamlined appearance of the device design Comfortable hand feeling Bright and large screen Modern distinctive design offers a unique experience Multiple protections ensure safety NI/TI/SS temperature control Unique custom user mode What are the main c..
S.R 220.00
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